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Do you ship nationwide?

Yes! We ship anywhere in the U.S.

What is the shipping time?

We ship all cheese and charcuterie within 1-2 business days to preserve freshness.*

*Holidays may alter shipping times.

Do I need to be available to immediately accept my package when it arrives?

Yes. Someone must be available to accept the package on the day it is delivered. Because cheese is perishable, it must be refrigerated immediately on the day of delivery.

The Obscurety Cheese Co. does not assume responsibility for the quality of cheese and charcuterie in packages that are not received and refrigerated on the day of delivery.

Can I pick-up my order?

Yes! Curbside pick-up is available for Richmond, VA residents. If you live in Richmond, VA, you can pick-up your order when it’s ready from 5pm – 7pm on Thursdays*. Please have your Order No. on-hand when picking up.

 If you’re unable to pick-up your order, you can send someone in your place. Please just reach out to let us know who will be picking-up in your place before 5pm on Wednesday. The person you send in your place will still need your order number.

 Additional pick-up instructions are available at checkout.

 *Holidays may impact these days.

My Order

How are orders processed?

We process orders on Thursdays. Please allow one week for orders to process.*

 *Holidays may impact these days.

Do you accept returns and exchanges?

Due to the perishable nature of our products, we do not accept returns.

 Because we do just-in-time inventory to ensure the highest quality of cheese is shipped, we cannot accommodate exchanges.


How long will my cheese last?

It depends on the cheese. While all cheese must be refrigerated immediately, the shelf life can vary by cheese. We’ve listed the shelf life for all of our products in the product descriptions. Be sure to always check the expiration date on your cheese as well for more accuracy!

Is there a way to know how well my cheese melts?

We do offer a Meltability recommendations in the product descriptions when we can. However, not all of our cheeses come with a Meltability recommendation.

We will be sure to keep on top of Meltability and continue to keep the product descriptions up-to-date.

Do all of the cheeses contain nuts?

No. We do carry some seed-based cheeses as well!*

*Seed-based cheeses may contain coconut.