About us

You deserve to have your cheese and eat it too. But, really good plant-based cheese and charcuterie are hard to find.

Obscurety Cheese Co. takes all the amazing plant-based cheese and charcuterie out of Obscurety and brings them together in one place, so you can shop multiple brands of quality plant-based cheese and charcuterie without the fuss.

Our Story

Obscurety Cheese Co. grew from a sincere love of wine with cheese and charcuterie. After being diagnosed with a systemic autoimmune disease and constantly struggling with inflammatory issues for years, *Melissa made the decision to go plant-based. That’s when she learned about the scarcity of really good vegan cheese and charcuterie. She spent the next few years researching where to find amazing plant-based cheese and charcuterie. In her search, she learned that great plant-based cheese and charcuterie are out there and that she wasn’t the only one craving them.

Enter Obscurety Cheese Co.—a cheese shop for everyone, whether you’re vegan, just curious, or somewhere in between. Obscurety Cheese Co. is here to offer high-quality plant-based cheese and charcuterie that can be hard to get your hands on.

Our Mission

Obscurety Cheese Co. exists to bring amazing plant-based cheese and charcuterie from Obscurety to the masses and change perceptions of plant-based cheese and charcuterie along the way.

What's Obscurety with an "e"?
[uhb-skyoor-i-tee] n.
A place to find seemingly hidden plant-based alternatives to cured cheese and meat 

Our Values


While we cater to plant-based cheese and charcuterie, we accept and respect all dietary preferences—no judgement here!


We will always remain open and curious to new plant-based cheeses and charcuterie that may be obscure to find.


We will stay committed to keep quality at the forefront, never selling cheese or charcuterie we don’t love ourselves.